10+ Pictures Of Dogs Before And After Adoption That Will Make You Cry


In the United States alone, over two million cats and dogs are euthanized because of overpopulation in shelters and because of fewer people considering adoption. These numbers could be brought down dramatically if people realized how rewarding it is to adopt a pet. Not only you get a new best friend, you also change that pet’s whole world. Other than improving the dog’s life, adopting a dog also improves the life of the people who adopt them. So if you’re considering getting a new furry best friend, these photos are guaranteed to move your feet to the nearest dog shelter.

1. From Frail to Majestic

2. From Feeble to Adorable

3. Adopted this little dude while on vacation in Mexico. The litter was found in the jungle in terrible shape but were nursed back to health by the local animal rescue foundation. Here he is today healthy, happy and adapting well to his new life as a Canadian!

4. Wynter

5. Rufus

6. Jax

7. Ripley

8. From Miserable to Magnificent

9. Laika

10. Don

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